Sunday, March 30, 2008

Projects - Magic drawing board

All my daughter wanted for her birthday was the magic drawing board she saw on television. When you pushed your finger along the black surface, colors would magically appear in the shape of your drawing. Well, I bought it for her and it was a piece of brightly colored plastic covered by a thinner layer of clear plastic with about 1/16 inch of very thick black ink in between. where you rub hard on the clear plastic, the ink separates and you can see the color under it. The ink is so thick though that it hurt my daughter's fingers to push hard enough.
So I made one.

Magic drawing board

1 piece of heavy cardboard
1 gallon size zip lock freezer bag
few spoonfulls of fingerpaint - dark colors work best
Duct tape

Use markers, paint or whatever to color the cardboard (optional) put the fingerpaint in the bag and zip shut, removing any air. smooth the fingerpaint into the entire bag. Tape around the edges onto the cardboard. You're done! (That'll be $14.99 please - joking of course)

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