Saturday, November 14, 2009

Papercraft - Origami Gift Box with Lid

I'm back! (didja miss me?) It got really discouraging when I got no feedback whatsoever. It just seemed pointless so I quit - for a little over a year. Last week though I was asked to start up again, It turns out that I do have an audience after all - so this is for you, Ellen!

This week's project is a very useful one for kids and adults alike, especially at this time of year. The only material needed is computer paper. When I taught, I used this plan with my 8 year olds.
The photo shows boxes made from full, half and quarter sheets of regular white printer paper. If you want to make the largest box though, I would suggest using tag or card stock as it's not very sturdy otherwise.

Click on the directions photo below for a larger view. If you're still confused, click here for a video.

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